Wednesday 16 August 2017

Dreamcatcher... step by step tutorial..

HELLO everyone

Here is what i made ...a dreamcatcher catcher  the dreams as they flow by :)


lets begin  making a dream catcher
1. gather  all materials mentioned under materials use .


2.took smaller embroidery hoop and stretched a fabric as base  .. 


3.using brick stencil to created background using texture paste, allow it to dry 


4. now take larger hoop and stretched lace fabric we will use this  as base,i have applied white glue on the sides to make lace fabric intact and not to move   

                 smaller hoop is dried using lindy sprays coloured the brick  background and dried using heattool


6.took papericious sigma card stock  and cut them into leaf shape and coloured them using  different shades of distress inks, attached a  thick cotton thread at the back of leafs and added some beads into each leaf thread ...


7. to make hangings for dreamcatcher i have  cut down 1.5"strips of lace fabric on longer side and tie them to the larger hoop along with the leafs  


8.for sentiment i have used mdf sentiment and first spayed with orange photocolour once dried added blue and yellow colours with dry stroke  technique until iam happy with the colours ...



9. finally assembling time.....using glue gun attach smaller loop on larger one ,then added flowers ,some feathers ,butterfly and mdf sentiment and embellishments......tadaaa..your dreamcatcher is ready ......

Here are some detailed shots of my dreamcatcher ..... 




Materials used
embroidaryhoops -two diffrent sizes would be prefered
papericious sigma card stock
texture paste
lace fabric and plain fabric for base
mulberry flowers and fillers
cotton threads ,beads
mdf sentiment
mdf embellishments
artificial feathurs
white glue
hot glue gun
lindy sparys
acrylic colours

Hope you all like it ....

Happy crafting


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