Sunday, 3 December 2017

Decopage numerical....

hi everyone
i am mounika and today i am here with a inspirational post .i used mdf number for this project decorated it on floral theme for a birthday photoshoot.

To start with sanded and cleaned mdf base applied two coates of chalkpaint,once it dried applied  glue all over the number and sticked lace fabric ,let it dry .arranged flowers randomly once i am satisfied with arrangement glued them all together

  • mdf number cutout
  • lace fabric
  • chalkpaint peach
  • whitecardstock(for main flowers)
  • mulberry and paper flowers 
  • pollens
  • butterflydiecuts

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happy crafting

hope you are inspired

Sunday, 12 November 2017


Hi everyone

I am here to share a tutorial of my latest creation a photofolio. Photofolio is a great way store so many photos  together .

So let's start....
1.To make a cover of album ,cut three 7"*7"  &two 1"*7" black chipboard.

2.cut a coloured card stock measure 25"*9 1/4". Arrange black chipboard  pieces as shown in pic adjust and stick them.cut the corner and fold the flaps inside , crease and fold the album .

3.For inner flaps on left side   take two 6.5'*6.5" black cardstock&two pieces of 6 3/4 "*6 3/4 " and on 6 3/4" piece score at 1/8"one larger and one shorter end & fold the scored 1\8 side and apply glue , stick 6.5"cardstock on top of score and folded side of 6 3\4" cardstock to form a pocket insert .

4.For hinge to join flaps to album take  2.5"*6 3/4" strip and on 2' side score at 3\4 and 1 1\4  in the middle and fold . Add pocket flaps to hinge using glue .

5. To make insert on right side of the album,took a cardstock of side 5.5"*12" score at 5 1/4"&6 1/4" fold on scored lines . Apply glue on hinge formed in middleof cardstock  and stick directly to hinge on album.

6. To for side pocket on right flap of album,cut cardstock measures 5"*12" on 12"side score at 1.5"&6" respectively and fold . Cut small notch on 1.5" strip ,apply glue and stick at the edge of the flap.

7. To make a diagonal insert on left flap of the album,cut 5"*6" cardstock and cut diagonally , score 1/8" on both sides and fold and glue .Note:Before glueing you have to stick desired pattern paper on background .

8.For middle flap of the album cut two piece of 5"*6.5" score at 6" on longer side in one piece &fold.on another piece score1/4" on three sides,fold and glue.

9. Before starting with pattern paper  choose how you want to close your album you can use ribbons to tie or a magnetic closure .

10. For inserts in pocket envelopes cut two pieces of black cardstock 6"*6" & one piece of each 5"*5",6"*5.5",6"*4".

11. Finally decorate folio with your choice pattern papers,theme & decorate with diecuts, sentiments

12. For cover of album I choose two pattern papers one of size 7"*7" & another of 6.5"*6.5" glued . Coloured my Chipboard sentiment coloured with blue chalk paint and Distressed with picked raspberry distress ink add some glitters .finally added some flowers  to complete the look.

Materials used
  • Black cardstock
  • Black chipboard
  • Emo greetings pattern papers
  • Mdf chipboard embellishments
  • Mulberry flowers
  • Coloured cardstock
  • White glue
  • Rainbowcraftykari neodymium magnets
  • Diecuts and embellishments
Hope you all like my project

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

mixedmedia shadow box 'adventure'

hi everyone iam here with an inspiration post..I made a mixed media Shadow box "adventure"

I took a mdf square shadow box measure 6*6 sanded the box roughly clean it neatly with out any dust . gessoed box with papericous black heavy gesso once it dry .I have used brick stencil with prima sand textured past to add some texture inside and outside of the box.added embellishments and used a cardboard with twine around it and stick to base again gessoed everything ,once dry started adding colours used prima art alchemy lightgold,aged bronze and some acrylic colours burntseneria, perssion blue, white, until I am happy with the out come

Materials usedMdf shadow boxMdf gear embellishmentsPrima sand texture pastePrima art alchemy waxsPrima typobulbBrick stencilPapericous heavy black gessoAcrylic paints- burntseneria, Persian blue, white, yellowTwine
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Hope my project inspires you ...Happy crafting

Sunday, 15 October 2017

diwali damaka

Hi everyoneIam here on blog with some Diwali decoration projects
Diwali is all about lights,sweets and I have a tutorial of slab Diya holders,a flower lantern and a hexagon tray....yep you guess it right it's a long post ;)

Slab Diya holders
  • For this I have used white cement.....
  • Took a plastic cup for mixing white cement with water and desired acrylic paint
  • Pour this mixture in ziplock bag I took ziplock bags of size 4*6"and 5*6"
  • Place a Diya at centre with some weight on it...
  • Allow it to dry overnight...


Flower lantern
  • Cut cardstock in different sizes of petals use these as template..
  • Trace down each petal 6 times on White papericous sigma cardstock
  • Cut down all petals...
  • Took 2bowlof water add orange and red indianinks dip first 2 small size petals in orange remaining petals in red colour let it soak for some time or you can use distress inks to colour the petals
  • Let all petals dry
  • For base took disposable small cupcut down the base make holes and use abinding wire string some pearls for handle
  • Using glue gun start attaching petals smaller to bigger petals
  • Took some thick cardstock and attached at the bottom
  • Finish it off by adjusting petals and place tea light led candle


Hexagonal tray
  • One thick cardstock make hexagonal template.using template cut chipboard in hexagonal shape.
  • Cut 4 pieces of 6.5" and  2 pieces of 6" , of 2" width each cardstock and chipboard and 12 pieces of 2*2" cardstock
  • Using cardstock pieces as hinge  stick chipboard to hexagonal chipboard and 2*2" strips to connect all sides to form a tray base
  • finish tray with pattern papers and used some quilling for decoration.


some closer pics     

Materials usedSlab Diya holders
  • White cement
  • Ziplock covers
  • Plastic cup
  • Acrylic colours
  • Tea light candles
  • Ice-cream sticks
Flower lantern
  • Papericous sigma cardstock
  • scissors
  • Indian inks scarlet and magenta
  • Glue gun
  • Binding wire
  • Disposable cup
  • Small pieces of heavy cardstock
Hexagonal tray
  • Chipboard
  • Cardstock
  • Pattern papers
  • Quilling strips
  • Flowers
  • Flower bead chain
  • Pearls
  • Glue gun

All the above mentioned products are available at rainbowcraftykari store or you can preorder
hope you inspired by my projects...
link your projects to our current challenge.
happy crafting....

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