Sunday 12 November 2017


Hi everyone

I am here to share a tutorial of my latest creation a photofolio. Photofolio is a great way store so many photos  together .

So let's start....
1.To make a cover of album ,cut three 7"*7"  &two 1"*7" black chipboard.

2.cut a coloured card stock measure 25"*9 1/4". Arrange black chipboard  pieces as shown in pic adjust and stick them.cut the corner and fold the flaps inside , crease and fold the album .

3.For inner flaps on left side   take two 6.5'*6.5" black cardstock&two pieces of 6 3/4 "*6 3/4 " and on 6 3/4" piece score at 1/8"one larger and one shorter end & fold the scored 1\8 side and apply glue , stick 6.5"cardstock on top of score and folded side of 6 3\4" cardstock to form a pocket insert .

4.For hinge to join flaps to album take  2.5"*6 3/4" strip and on 2' side score at 3\4 and 1 1\4  in the middle and fold . Add pocket flaps to hinge using glue .

5. To make insert on right side of the album,took a cardstock of side 5.5"*12" score at 5 1/4"&6 1/4" fold on scored lines . Apply glue on hinge formed in middleof cardstock  and stick directly to hinge on album.

6. To for side pocket on right flap of album,cut cardstock measures 5"*12" on 12"side score at 1.5"&6" respectively and fold . Cut small notch on 1.5" strip ,apply glue and stick at the edge of the flap.

7. To make a diagonal insert on left flap of the album,cut 5"*6" cardstock and cut diagonally , score 1/8" on both sides and fold and glue .Note:Before glueing you have to stick desired pattern paper on background .

8.For middle flap of the album cut two piece of 5"*6.5" score at 6" on longer side in one piece &fold.on another piece score1/4" on three sides,fold and glue.

9. Before starting with pattern paper  choose how you want to close your album you can use ribbons to tie or a magnetic closure .

10. For inserts in pocket envelopes cut two pieces of black cardstock 6"*6" & one piece of each 5"*5",6"*5.5",6"*4".

11. Finally decorate folio with your choice pattern papers,theme & decorate with diecuts, sentiments

12. For cover of album I choose two pattern papers one of size 7"*7" & another of 6.5"*6.5" glued . Coloured my Chipboard sentiment coloured with blue chalk paint and Distressed with picked raspberry distress ink add some glitters .finally added some flowers  to complete the look.

Materials used
  • Black cardstock
  • Black chipboard
  • Emo greetings pattern papers
  • Mdf chipboard embellishments
  • Mulberry flowers
  • Coloured cardstock
  • White glue
  • Rainbowcraftykari neodymium magnets
  • Diecuts and embellishments
Hope you all like my project

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